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The To Get There Foundation was established to connect, inspire and support. Connect people, institutions and volunteers. Inspire and encourage to take up new challenges, look for unique solutions, including technological ones. Support in the pursuit of the intended goal. To Get There together.
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Our goal is to act to increase the integration of citizens, institutions and organizations and to counteract social exclusion. We focus on networking and animating cooperation between various entities. To achieve our goals, we have engaged the latest technologies in cooperation with social sciences.
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We achieve our goals by conducting trainings, courses and meetings to increase the awareness of participants. We focus on building relationships, counteracting loneliness and social exclusion. The conducted social campaigns are designed to integrate people through art, culture and technology ... they provide advanced solutions allowing to build , lasting interpersonal bonds.
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In To Get There we code, but we code with people in mind. We are probably the only Foundation that allocates the profits from our projects to statutory goals related to caring for mental health, fighting exclusion or building healthy, long-term relationships.
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